Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 2017 club nights for the last couple of months

One of the club guys kindly pointed out that I had failed to update this blog for a little while and thus it is about time to do so. Well we still continue, and new games and old have been played. X-Wing and 40K have been in evidence along with Wings of Glory and Magic the Gathering, these of course are the older games that we play. But Armada has taken it toll and we have given this a go too. So Picture show is needed to keep the audience of 2 happy.
2 games of 40k with the guys on the right of the image both winning I believe.

How to teach x-wing to all and sundry, if you note the odd micro machines import it is because when you get 12 plus players wanting to learn and your own collection is somewhat smaller than this then you have to improvise.

More X-Wing and I am bewildered by the green planet near the asteroid.

More guys playing and teaching
Aleph model by Brendan our resident painter, I must get a second job and pay this man to be my slave to paint

More Aleph on the way, again by Brendan.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The year is well on its way and games are being played at the club

This has been the early February efforts of club members so I will just let the images tell the story mainly.
Infinity with my daughter and one of the other club girls

I could not get the bikes to work

40K, our general on the left secured his first victory against the dreaded orks

X-wing, so many games so little time

Cheating here, as this was an earlier game with my son showing off his lovely Space Wolves.

They won again but it was much closer this time

Oh no new toys. Will we fall prey of Armarda?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Getting people into Infinity, and other games + we have a comic store in town!

I have been very remiss in getting activity about the club posted so rather than waffle on I will let the heading an pictures do the talking. Games from January at both the clubs usual venue and a ripper new comic shop in town known as Kapow Collectibles. I wish the owners great success and see that they now run board games on a Wednesday night and MTG (Magic.....) on Friday nights. I was also really pleased that they gave us, as a club, a bit of a run using the premises to host a mini introduction to Infinity. Most of the players ended up being club regulars but two new people turned up just for the day. Was a lot of fun.
Brendan's board is getting better all the time.

My Iguana protecting the Chimera and Pupniks, that I am still not sure how to use.

X-Wing, gotta play this more .....

40K yep up and running again

My Spectre is about to see a hot flash of flame that will snuff him out.

End of January I was able to introduce two players to Infinity, they loved it and we had time for two games, one game each for a win.

Imperial Guard

Tau and Space marines boo hiss

Wings of Glory made a usual appearance.

A Seraph heading towards table top standard  I am looking forward to seeing our club member finish this but  I am sure I will be on the receiving end of it.

Introducing Infinity At Kapow Collectibles.

10 people all up and a couple of Magic the Gathering players mooching in the corner. We could not convince them to turn to the dark side and play with toy soldiers.

Lad on the left had heard of 40K but did not really play much.

On a small table we only played at 150-165 points enough for 2-3 games in an afternoon.

You really have to get down low to see if you can see the enemy in this game.

Most of the terrain was from the cardboard sets that are purposed built for infinity. The addition of one or two other bits and bobs fleshed the tables out.

Infinity is great for stretching the imagination

I actually got to play this one.

Brendan's big board as a display piece that was finally used in the last game of the day.

Note the Kapow Logo.....clever chap is out Brendan

One of my favourite minis in the game, the one in the center is a hard core human sized android smack out of movies like I Robot, in the game it is armed to the teeth has good armour and the equivalent of two wounds. What is not to like.

I hope to see more of Infinity at the Club but I sill miss playing WWII. We just don't have the interest. I think I need to sort out some solo rules or at least a system to use the rules I have in a solo capacity. So much money spent on WWII toys and they gather dust.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

One day I will finish the painting and put sails on the little ships, Man O War at the club

Quieter night as the RPG and Magic lads and lasses were not there. Yet 3 games were played. Barry's obligatory Wings of Glory WWI this time, 40k Nids vs Marines and a dusty old favourite from GW Man O War, Bretonnians, Chaos Dwarves and Orc fleets, plus more random sea monsters than all the pirate movies put together.

Let Battle comence

Nids won but it was very close this time

About to conquer the high seas, yes that is the dreadfleet mat and a beauty it is.

Orcs and Allied Norse

My Brettonnian fleet

Hand built Chaos Dwarves that rolled more miss fires than I have seen in a long time, boy did we laugh, well 2 of us laughed!

Closer to the lovely Norse ships and the ring in Skaven Vessel that we allowed to act as an orc.

4 on this table with smiles as well.

Check out the ones.................I never get that many ever.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Battlegroup at home rather than the club

Unfortunately I was not available at the club night in early November due to other commitments so I can't give updates for this night. But I can tell you about a fun game with my son on a recent weekend.

I have been very keen to get a proper game of the BattleGroup rules up and running and it game me pause to think about what to play. I have run this system solo with 15mm miniatures but decided to return after 34 years (ouch) to 1/72-1/76 scale or 20mm if you prefer. The old Airfix and Mathcbox kits still hold their own if you want access to huge amounts of models for WWII.

Well the game was a complete success. We played a small squad game with 220 points a side. Basically a platoon of infantry, a tank and a little support. Needless to say I lost but only just. I made a rush to the objective in the last couple of turns only to have a German Panzerfaust blow my Halftrack and Leaders apart. Thus causing my battle rating to plummet and the lads to retire off the board.

All I need now is a few more games and I will introduce it to the club.

Btirish battlegroup

German battlegroup

The House in the middle is the objective, Brits to capture, Germans to hold

German Positions after a couple of turns

Brits moving up

Germans using the hedge wisely

Nasty MG to remove my troops and the HQ in a cool resin car I bought at Cancon 2016

Brits moving up the flank

Germans still control the forest and stop my flank movement.
The end is near, yep the halftrack is torched leaving me with failing morale and a much diminished force.
It really was nice to play in 20mm again, almost regression therapy.